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APT10 Extended

APT10: Extended includes a selection of installations, paintings, sculptures, photographs, and video from ‘The 10th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art’.

About the exhibition

The tenth chapter of the Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (APT10) includes 69 projects by more than 150 emerging and established artists from over 30 countries across the Asia Pacific region.

APT10 explores the idea of contemporary art in the literal sense of ‘happening at the same time’ and ‘occurring in the present’. Some artists reflect on the influence of past events and encounters that hold meaning today, while others question what the future might look like and who will have a role in creating it. Collectively, they provide a window onto our dynamic and diverse part of the world.

Exhibition Map and Virtual Tours

Locate APT10 artworks on display in QAG and GOMA using the downloadable exhibition map.

Explore all of APT10 through virtual tours.

Teacher Notes

This exhibition provides opportunities for cross-curriculum learning and intercultural understanding as students explore the diverse art forms, practices and cultures of the Asia Pacific region, including Australia.


Find out more about selected artworks in APT10 in the Learning Collection.

Learning Collection | APT10


Explore thematic approaches to APT10 and ideas for engaging students of different year levels.



Additional Resources

Teacher Resources

Hear from selected artists about their work and discover ideas to use in the classroom by revisiting QAGOMA Learning’s APT10 Professional Development Programs for Educators series:

Student Programs

Curators from the Asian and Pacific Art team answer questions from students about APT10 in online Q&A sessions:

Creative Generation: In Residence 2021

Creative Generation: In Residence’ is a three-day program that provides Year 10 students from across Queensland the opportunity to work alongside an artist. In 2021, the ‘In Residence’ program was led by APT10 artist Edith Amituanai who guided students through the process of creating a series of images to represent their idea of place.

View the online gallery of their artworks.