Open Studio

A studio is a space where you work, and at the end of the day you can leave your thoughts, ideas, and when you return the next morning, they are still there. It enables the continuity of your work.

John Honeywill

John Honeywill

John Honeywill is a Queensland-based artist and art educator. Honeywill explores the genre of still life through a contemporary studio practice that invites contemplation of our relationships to objects.

I paint the quiet visual conversations between everyday objects; paintings that explore presence and stillness in the genre of the still life – a genre that links the intimate world with the public. — John Honeywill

Natalya Hughes

Natalya Hughes’s paintings, textiles and installations playfully critique the representation of women in modernist painting. Her use of form and pattern draws attention to the role that women’s bodies play in the rhetoric of modernism that often marginalises the decorative and silences the reality of individual women’s bodies and experiences.

I’m a firm believer in finding your own visual language by reinterpreting what already exists. Why not start with someone else’s work and make it your own? Every repetition is different. — Natalya Hughes

Grace Lillian Lee

Grace Lillian Lee is a multicultural Australian artist and designer, known for her works inspired by Torres Strait Islander weaving techniques. Through collaborations with Australian indigenous communities and their art centres, she has created a platform for young people to celebrate their culture through fashion and performance. Lee’s extensive travels to Indigenous communities to work with and mentor artists informs a practice driven by the desire to nurture and grow Indigenous Australian fashion across generations.

I want to be part of creating a space for the further exploration of what indigenous fashion design looks like; a space where the relationship between art, textile, fashion and story can be explored through creative experimentation and broader collaborations. — Grace Lillian Lee

Madeleine Kelly

Madeleine Kelly is a Sydney-based artist and art educator. She conducts her practice-led research in the vibrant field of painting, focusing on human entanglements with animals, plants and consumable energy. Kelly’s paintings reflect on our troubled connections to the natural world and draw viewers into their comparative logic.

My work is like an ecosystem, it is very much alive – my relationship with my work is symbiotic and the audience is activated by the affinities at play. — Madeleine Kelly

Abdul Abdullah

Abdul Abdullah is an Australian multi-disciplinary artist. As a self-described ‘outsider among outsiders’, his practice is concerned with the experience of the ‘other’. Identifying as a Muslim and having both Malay/Indonesian and convict/settler heritage, Abdullah occupies a precarious space in the political discourse that puts him at odds with popular definitions.

I’m interested in the disjuncture between perception/projection of identity and the reality of lived experience. – Abdul Abdullah