Grace Lillian Lee

I want to be part of creating a space for the further exploration of what indigenous fashion design looks like; a space where the relationship between art, textile, fashion and story can be explored through creative experimentation and broader collaborations.

Artist Gallery

Open Studio invites artists to curate their own Artist Gallery to display artworks by artists that inspire them. Explore the artworks that Grace Lillian Lee selected from the QAGOMA Collection.

Artist Space

The Artist Space is a micro-version of the artist’s own studio. Explore images of the space to gain insights into the artist’s process.

Artist Interviews

Get to know Grace Lillian Lee by watching artist interviews filmed in her Cairns studio. Grace talks about her practice, recent projects, her role in First Nations Fashion and Design and takes you through how her studio operates.

Artist Tutorials

Create your own textile design in this tutorial by drawing inspiration from natural patterns, shapes and forms.