Lara Favaretto / Italy b.1973 / Gummo IV 2012 / Iron, car wash brushes and electrical motors / 300 x 450 x 150cm / Purchased 2012 with funds from Tim Fairfax, AM, through the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation / © The artist

Lara Favaretto
Gummo IV 2012

Not Currently on Display

Lara Favaretto transforms functional objects into surprising artworks. Gummo IV is made up of a group of five car wash brushes, in shades of blue, black and purple. A motor causes each one to spin around at different times. In motion, the artwork looks like an abstract painting.


Born in Treviso, Lara Favaretto lives and works in Turin. The artist calls her artworks macchine del divertimento (‘fun machines’ or machines of entertainment), a description that points to their carnivalesque character.

In her art, found objects — usually standard issue — are animated so they are stripped of their intended function and become imbued with a sense of magic, fantasy and play. Disrupting the conventional order of things, Favaretto transforms useful, functional things into impractical, but strangely engaging, ones.

The artist produces works that reveal the absurdity and pathos of everyday life and commonplace objects.