Souliya Phoumivong / Laos b.1983 / Flow (production image) 2018 / Stop-motion animation, colour, sound / © The artist / Image courtesy: The artist

Souliya Phoumivong
Flow 2018

Not Currently on Display

Flow 2018 is a stop-motion film featuring handmade clay characters. In the film, a human character watches on as buffalo follow each other in a herd. Out of curiosity, he follows the animals, wearing a buffalo mask to blend in, but he later questions his decision. The story highlights the failure of individuals to find their own creative and moral paths in a world ruled by technology and social media.

Animation is not widely practised in Souliya Phoumivong’s home country of Laos, and the artist uses animation as a new way of educating people throughout the country.


Watch some of Souliya Phoumivong’s earlier animated films.

Watch these films here: Intellectual Property 2013 and My Best Friends 2012

These films were commissioned by the US Embassy and the United Nations World Food Programme to communicate messages to Lao communities. What are the messages? How does Phoumivong use visual language to communicate his messages?

During your visit to APT9

Watch Flow 2018 and observe how the human character changes. What is the artist warning us about technology and social media?


  • with Kim Beom’s drawings and blueprints. How do both artists use humour to communicate a more serious message?
  • with other moving-image artworks in APT9. What techniques do the artists use to make you see, hear, think and feel?


Create an animation, cartoon or poster that educates a community or group about an important issue.