Bona Park South Korea b.1977 / Beyond the sea (still) 2018 / Three-channel HD video: 16:58 minutes, colour, sound /Commissioned for APT9 / Supported by Arts Council Korea / Proposed for the Queensland Art Gallery I Gallery of Modern Art Collection / © The artist / Image courtesy: The artist

Bona Park
Beyond the sea 2018

On Display: QAG, Gallery 5

For Beyond the sea 2018, Bona Park collaborated with individuals working behind the scenes in the Korean film and television industry: a voice actor, a lighting operator and a stunt double. The work centres on the voice actor in a sound studio, reading a monologue. To one side, a stunt double repeatedly rehearses a kung-fu move in slow motion, while on the other screen, a lighting operator, standing on a beach, flashes out Morse code on a studio lamp. Park’s video refers to exemplars of filmmaking — from European art house (such as Jean-Luc Godard’s French New Wave cinema classic Alphaville 1965) to classic kung-fu — that explore notions of disappearance, longing and the role of culture in shaping our responses to the world.

Bona Park’s video addresses two important themes for the artist: workplace relations, in particular, thankless jobs; and extinction or redundancy brought about by human activity, technology and economics. Park finds inspiration in her collaborators (cooks, carpenters and comedians, amongst others) and tells seemingly simple stories; however, broader social themes are always involved. The appeal of her works lies in the unusual game-like situations her collaborators are placed in, and the complex social and historical contexts that these situations address.

Contemporary context

How does Bona Park:

  • use materials, technologies or approaches to affect the audience experience?
  • employ imagery and/or display techniques to challenge aesthetic traditions?
  • provoke discussion about twenty-first-century issues and concerns?

Personal context

How does Bona Park:

  • create sensory experiences to generate emotional responses from the viewer?
  • connect with the viewers’ experiences and/or expectations to construct meaning?

Cultural context

How does Bona Park:

  • explore cultural traditions?
  • reflect community interests through social commentary?
  • respond to cultural influences?

Formal context

How does Bona Park:

  • employ specific art elements and principles to communicate meaning?
  • enhance the interpretation of the artwork through processes, materials and media?
  • share characteristics with art movements, times, places or events?