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  • Henry Short<strong> / </strong>England/Australia VIC1807–65 / <em>Fruit and flowers</em> 1859 / Oil on canvas / 89 x 119cm / Purchased 1997. Queensland Art Gallery Foundation Grant / Collection: Queensland Art Gallery

About this resource

This resource addresses the Arts subject area in the Australian Curriculum. It encourages students to learn more about the ideas, stories and practices of artists in the QAGOMA Collection.


Features of this resource include:

  • artwork profiles organised by theme and teaching level, each including an image and short artist bio
  • sub themes to further refine your search by:
    • collection
    • location
    • theme
    • period
    • art form
    • genre
  • suggested discussion questions for exploration in the classroom and during Gallery visits (relates to ‘Responding’ in the Australian Curriculum)
  • activities suitable for the classroom (relates to ‘Making’ in the Australian Curriculum); and
  • a glossary of art terms

Additional Resources

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Australian Curriculum

Relevant subject areas can be explored in more detail on the Australian Curriculum website. Teachers are encouraged to select the content descriptions that are most suitable for their school program.

Information about studying Indigenous Australian art is available here.


The resource encourages students to explore the content descriptions that reflect the interrelated strands of Making and Responding.

  • Making includes learning about and using knowledge, skills, techniques, processes, materials and technologies to explore arts practices and make artworks that communicate ideas and intentions.
  • Responding includes exploring, responding to, analysing and interpreting artworks.

Senior Visual Art: Queensland Syllabus


  • Undertake a critical analysis of artworks, investigating artistic language and expression in direct relation to selected concepts, focuses and media ideas
  • Refine visual literacy abilities to read and process artworks (e.g. recalling and discriminating)


  • Observe, collect, compile and record visual, verbal and sensory information and ideas from a variety of sources and contexts
  • Deconstruct artworks and reconstruct their intent for a different context and purpose
  • Engage in innovative explorations of media, ideas, technologies, processes and techniques
  • Work to the limitations of selected materials, media and technologies, as well as experiment to exploit their intrinsic qualities










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